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FAQ – Giglio & Sons in Vaughan, Ontario

Asphalt-driveway-3The team at Giglio & Sons Construction, Paving & Concrete Ltd. is available to answer any questions you may in regard to concrete and paving. We have been asked a variety of paving questions over the years, and thought it might be helpful to provide a FAQ for our customers to reference as they research concrete construction options. Feel free to contact us further for any other question you may have.

1) When can I start using my new driveway/walkway?

A rule of thumb for asphalt driveways is 3 days under cool-hot conditions. When it is extremely hot (30+ degrees) during the summer months, it can take about 4-5 days. If you are not sure after having your driveway repaved by Giglio & Sons, feel free to give us a call! Remember to never turn your wheels unless you are in motion to prevent tire marks.

Concrete requires 24 hours to safely walk on, though it is not recommended as there is still sealant to apply and the surface cannot be dirty. Driving and full use is different for every project and is usually okay to use 24 hours after the contractor fully completes the job/sealant. Concrete has a 28 day curing process to achieve full strength, and 7 days to achieve 50%.

After having your driveway sealed, a 24 hour period is required for both foot and vehicle traffic.

2) Will my newly installed pavement/concrete crack?

Concrete is the most used construction material in the world. With proper installation and care, the material can last for decades. One of the biggest downfalls is its ability to crack at any time, though it can be prevented through a number of steps. For durable and long-lasting concrete, Giglio & Sons provides a well compacted crushed stone base, a 32 MPA type C2 concrete mix with air entrainment, (the most optimal mix for Canadian climate), welded wire mesh or rebar reinforcement (dependent on each application), and strategically placed saw cuts to prevent cracks and relieve the stress of shifting.

Asphalt paving can also be a durable material, and Giglio & Sons only purchases asphalt from the most consistent asphalt plants in the Greater Toronto area. We apply the same measures for our asphalt bases as we would for concrete, and make sure each project has a minimum of 3” of material in all areas. Asphalt has more flexibility and may not crack as quickly, but the fact that it is an economical material compared to concrete will be evident in its lifespan.

3) Do you sub-contract your work?

Giglio & Sons takes pride in offering one of the largest selections of services without having to sub-contract work to outside sources. Our quality of work isn’t compromised either, we employ different crews & team members to the specific line of work they are skilled in. All of the equipment required to complete projects of any size is ready on hand & dedicated only to our operation.

We do offer recommendations and maintain working relationships with various contractors (roofing, windows, railings, etc.) that specialize in services we do not provide. This allows the client to have the best contracting experience with the ability to find trustworthy services!

For any question you have regarding paving and concrete, Giglio & Sons is only a call away. Feel free to call or text and ask for Frank!

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