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Commercial – Giglio & Sons in Vaughan, Ontario

Giglio & Sons of Toronto offers commercial and industrial paving that is guaranteed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday traffic. We offer a variety of concrete and asphalt options to suit your business setting, and our construction team is properly equipped to get the paving job done timely and efficiently.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt pavement is a simple solution to a range of issues drivers may come across on the road. First of all, asphalt is cost-efficient because it’s easy to install and maintain. There isn’t a long construction process, and since the material is so durable, there isn’t as much need to regularly maintain asphalt. It is also much smoother than most other surfaces such as concrete, and it has proven to reduce noise because mix technologies have grown. There are open-graded surfaces, rubberized asphalt, and stone-matrix that aid the quiet, smooth nature of asphalt.
Giglio & Sons uses flexible mix designs for all applications. We offer asphalt paving for parking lots, entrances, and other surfaces in commercial areas. Our team can also repair and patch surfaces, which includes asphalt sealing, crack routing, and line painting.

Grading and Excavation

Dirt-excavation-and-grading-1Our grading and excavating contractors survey commercial project sites from start to finish. They begin with the site grading process, collecting details such as soil type, land slopes, and underlying structures. Using that information, they can then begin the hard work of excavating to clear your site to make way for building structures. Giglio & Sons contractors level the construction site and dig out excess material, all in a timely manner that works for you. We also offer gravel and WRAP services, as well as compaction and haulage for all applications.


Asphalt-ramp-to-parking-garage-with-heating-coilsGiglio & Sons offers a range of concrete, including regular finish, colored, stamped, and exposed aggregate. All of the projects our team works on are poured with a 32 MPa type, C2 concrete mix for extra concrete strength. These mixes are air entrained as well, which is a process that adds tiny air bubbles into concrete. This process, in the end, improves the durability of concrete surfaces that are exposed during cycles of freezing and thawing.
We work on a variety of projects such as sidewalks, dolly pads, entrances, patios, and so much more.

  • Steps
  • Ramps
  • Footings and Walls
  • Curbs
  • Parking Areas
  • Indoor Slab on Grade

Ground Water Management

Some of the site services Giglio & Sons offer include stone work for ground water management systems to ensure plumbing, fountains, and other liquid piping is running smoothly. We repair faults and cracks to make sure nothing leaks and ruins other areas of your commercial residence such as landscaping or parking lots. We offer services that feature strong, interlocking stone for all applications that include armor and river stone.

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